Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Cabin

This overall camp season has been the best out of my 3 years being here. First things first are that I loved my cabin mates in every way describable. Also, I think we all pushed each other to get a camp shirt and we all strived for all our goals. My cabin mates and me have great aspects, one is we are the best hikers. My cabin hiked over 15 miles and one great thing about our hiking status is that we were the first in 8 years to hike WhiteFace, 5th tallest in NY. This hike was my personal favorite because we all had experience of being scared and trusting each other because we almost got struck by lightning. We won inspection twice and we had an awesome overnight hike. So on those notes……I LOVE MY CABIN in general. :)

One event I spent with my cabin that really stood out was the Overnight hike. It was an exciting experience for me. We went to Copperas Pond, a .5 hike, and had fun. We jumped off the big rock in the water, and when we jumped we had to shout a random thing. Most of them were jokes on other people in the cabin, but none of us took to the heart. After that, we started the fire, we had to find branches, Birch bark, and later on we had to find logs and I found the first and my cabin mates started helping me. Then we ate some foil dinner that was prepared by our director, Mr. Arte. Then we played some manhunt and I won. Later on, we started roasting marshmallows and I got a nice burn on my lip. After that, we settled in and before we went to bed in the lean to, we heard a Scary Story told by my great counselor, Gabriel. And that story gave trust to all of us brothers to keep one another safe. We didn’t go to sleep till 1 o’clock.

Posted by: Ruben