Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Campers Day

On Campers Day the campers that have proven themselves to able to conduct themselves as leaders over the summer are able to become the councilors and staff of Camp Montserrat. The actual councilors and staff are able to be one of the campers for example Benny R. became Gio P. and Ms. Wilkinson became Ruben R. Some of the most important jobs were Director (Osaze W.), Assistant Director (David G.) and Academic Director (Alex C.). They day went really smooth other than a couple hiccups in the morning. In fact it went so smooth that Mr. Arte was able to leave the camp to run a couple of errands.
The day started relatively normally except the campers ran everything except the kitchen (that’s Val’s domain). In the afternoon after rest period, there was a camp wide group activity played in the Coupiola Field. After we all got super sweaty we went over to the pool to have our annual Swim Carnival. The campers competed in four strokes in their heats then went to championships. The four strokes were freestyle, breaststroke, sidestroke, and backstroke. This year there were upsets. It was good competition and afterwards the boys from Buffalo’s Nativity School. We had a funny dive contest (there were some painful belly flops). We had dinner and a short group discussion then we watched Lake Placid the Movie. The day was closed by a word from David G. That day was maybe one of the most exciting days of camp.