Friday, August 3, 2012

Camp 2012 Video / Campamento 2012 Vídeo


  1. Un Agradecimiento muy especial a ese gran equipo que hizo que este campamento 2012 fuera una experiencia positiva para todos los campistas y en un futuro próximo se convierta un opción de una vida mejor para nuestros hijos...Gracias.!!!!!!

  2. Thank you St. Ignatius for a wonderful experience for our son Jose Tejada. This time away from the city, technology, and from the family really brought out the best in him. Our son left a little boy and came back a young adult and for this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Looking forward to the upcoming school year.

    Thank You Again.

  3. Thank You to all the Counselors and staff at Camp Monserrate. It was definitely a rewarding experience for our son. May the light you have lit in all the children's hearts continue to shine brightly.
    With sincere appreciation,
    The Sola Family


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